Good quality! Solid and affordable!

Recently I resumed my yoga time in the morning, wanted to purchase a new yoga mat for a fresh start. I am pretty amazed by Corktec yoga Mat’s quality and the fashionable look. It has great grip. The texture has a little stickiness allows me to hold some of the difficult positions. And it is comfortably thick too by providing enough cushioning to support my joints and knees! So far I am pretty happy with Corktec mat. Looks like my dog likes it too:)

Great mat for hot yoga

I am an avid hot yoga-er and have tried many mats. Usually my complaint is that they are not grippy enough at the beginning of practice, or get too slippery towards the end of practice. But this one has been great- I love it! It grips all through practice and is even better the sweatier I get (and I am extremely sweaty). I spray and wipe it after each use and let it dry, and it does so quickly and has not been smelly. My only “complaint” would be that this mat is heavier than non-cork options, but that’s really such a nominal consideration for me. I’m so glad I tried this mat! Love love love it

I love my new mat!!!

I am sooo happy with this purchase! I was tired of slip and sliding at hot yoga with my old mat so I decided to treat myself with something new. This mat is a dream, not only is it super grippy and long, it’s also very cute! Would def recommend ☺️